Demarco Restoration’s storm damage experts repair your roof and other areas damaged by wind quickly, effectively, and affordable. We know how devastating and disruptive storm damage can be, and we’re here to make the restoration process go smoothly for you. Contact us today to begin restoration with a free inspection.

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Here at Demarco Restoration, we are very familiar with the way storms disrupt your life and devastate your property. When the worst happens, figuring out the next step can be overwhelming. That’s why our compassionate team here at Demarco is dedicated to help you restore the physical damage to your home or business while you figure out your next steps.

We offer the most comprehensive wind and storm damage services in Philadelphia. We’re proud to serve our community with professional, efficient restorations. No matter how bad the damage is, Demarco Restoration has got you covered.

Roofing Hail & Wind

Roofing damage from hail, wind, and storms can get complicated fast. Bad storms can make a big mess that needs immediate action to fix and minimize roof damage, water damage, and even mold after the fact. 

Our quick-response restoration experts offer storm and wind damage services at any time of day or night. In an emergency when quick action is needed, Demarco Restoration has experts on call that can be at your home or business to assess the damage and take first steps in 90 minutes or fewer.

Siding Hail & Wind

In addition to handling roof damage, Demarco Restoration offers repair and restoration services for siding hail and wind damage too. With storm damage, the first priority is checking for structural damage, then for water damage that can lead to internal damage. When the weatherproofed siding is damaged, it’s essential to act quickly. Our team of restoration professionals will be at your door ASAP to start work on repairing and restoring your home or business.

Gutters Hail & Wind

Whenever a home has hail or wind damage, it’s a safe bet that the gutters are also affected. While most gutters are made of sturdy aluminum, extreme weather can lead to dents, holes, and split seams in gutters. Damaged gutters that are not able to work properly can lead to a host of issues, such as flooding, leaks, water damage, and structural issues with the roof and house. Demarco Restoration is proud to offer gutter hail and wind damage repair to our community.

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Wind DamageWind Damage

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Fast, Effective & Affordable Wind Damage Repair Services

Every year, we face hurricanes and storms that are strong enough to cause extreme damage to property. While some damage caused by wind may be obvious, such as a ripped-off roof or split framing, other storm damage may go undetected, such as misaligned walls or water and mold damage. Demarco Restoration’s wind damage restoration specialists are prepared to handle the full scope of the damage.

Our professional, highly-trained experts respond to your call and begin repairs as quickly as possible in order to get your property back to normal. We use high quality equipment and the latest methodologies to inspect the property, repair damage, rebuild, and protect against wind damage in the future. We fully understand the responsibility handed to us by our clients, and we promise nothing but perfection when it comes to our services.


Our thorough restoration process includes an initial inspection, an evaluation, full restoration, and rebuilding. We will create a plan designed specifically for your home, business, or other property.

The first step in a wind damage restoration is to work on structural repairs. Structural stabilization is our primary goal before moving on to other parts of the restoration and rebuilding process.

We also work to prevent wind damage in the future. We will inspect the structure for potential weaknesses and hazards and offer removal of any potentially dangerous trees near your property.

We are at your service to restore both your property and your peace of mind. We strive to make this process as comfortable and easy as possible for you. Our specialists will ensure that all windows are boarded up and that roofs are tarped until repairs are completed. We also manage every aspect of waste created before and during our services.


Who We Help

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, we know that you need to restore wind damage as quickly as possible. We can help you save personal belongings and keepsakes, office equipment, and the property as a whole from further damage. You can trust our experienced professionals to get the job done.

We Help
We Help

Our wind damage repair professionals take several measures to get your property fixed promptly, so that you can get back to having a safe and comfortable home or office space. We even take restoration a step further by offering insurance support services.

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Wind & Storm Damage Services in Philadelphia

When a bad storm hits, it can be overwhelming to take all the necessary steps to restore your property. Demarco Restoration will walk with you through every aspect of the restoration process. Your safety and peace of mind are our priority throughout the entire process, from the initial evaluation to the final steps of restoration.

Immediately after your commercial, industrial, or personal property experiences damage, one of our restoration professionals will be at your property to begin assessing damage and next steps. After checking for structural stability and water damage, we will begin working to rebuild and restore your property while preserving as much of the undamaged areas as possible. We use temporary weather-proofing tarps to make sure there’s no additional water damage while rebuilding. We also provide prevention services: we check for potential future areas of risk such as dangerous trees or existing structural risk.

No matter how much or little damage needs repairing to your business or home, Demarco Restoration offers the best storm damage services in Philadelphia.


Need Emergency Services? We're Available 24/7

Demarco Restoration offers 24/7 service. No matter what time of day or night disaster strikes, we’re here for you. In the case of an emergency, we’re available at all times for evaluation and first steps. If you call at 2pm or at 2am, Demarco Restoration will have one of our dedicated experts at your door in 90 minutes or less.


why demarco

Demarco Restoration doesn’t just offer top-quality professional restoration, rebuilding, and support services. We also offer a dedication to serving our community that you won’t find elsewhere. Our experienced workers work hard to repair storm damage and prevent future damage to your property. They are supplied with a great set of equipment to do their jobs efficiently and well.

When the worst case scenario happens, we want to be there for you so that you can regain your property and get back to normal life as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our experienced expert workers, high-quality equipment, affordable pricing, and dedication to our customers make Demarco Restoration the top choice for wind damage restoration in Philadelphia.



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Wind DamageWind Damage


Yes. We will have an expert at your house in 90 minutes or less.

The cost varies depending on the job. We can provide an estimate after performing a free inspection.

A roof repair typically takes around 3 days, but the time will vary depending on the property and the extent of wind damage.

Don’t panic! Remove any personal belongings that may be damaged further by wind or water, and leave the building if it is unsafe. Give us a call for a free evaluation.

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